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RoboTweet Automates Tweets, Following, Unfollowing, Auto-DM Messages & Adds To Lists.

Dear Fellow Twitter Marketer,

Anyone who tries to market their products and services on Twitter knows that it can literally eat up your time doing trivial activities such as following prospects, and tweeting regular updates.

You can subscribe to auto-posting services such as Hootsuite or Social Jukebox, but those services cost $9.99 to $14.99 a month. Over a year that can add up to up to $179, and it still won’t do your following, and unfollowing for you!

I thought there must be a better way, so I scoured the internet looking for solutions to my twitter automation problems, but I couldn’t find any!

That’s why I developed RoboTweet.

Don’t buy it before you click play on this demo video:

I’m James Winsoar. I’ve been marketing online since 1999 when I started the world’s first mobile phone ringtone company. Since then I’ve been full time marketing online, including launching an email marketing automation platform.

RoboTweet is a complete Twitter marketing management tool that will:

  • Identify prospects that are could use your products and services.
  • Identify prospects who are engaging with your competitors.
  • Filter out prospects who don’t speak your language, or don’t have enough followers, or activity on their twitter accounts.
  • Periodically follow a prospect.
  • Add prospects to a Twitter list.
  • Send a DM message, or public mention to prospects who follow you back.
  • After a number of days unfollow those prospects who have not followed you back.
  • Tweet at regular intervals during a time window you specify, for example 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and off at weekends.

RoboTweet is currently in pre-release to a small number of selected individuals, but already we are seeing awesome results from the software!

@winsoar twitter statistics
@winsoar was manually following, unfollowing, and tweeting which was very time consuming and did not produce results as effective as RoboTweet.
@chadscope twitter statistics
@chadscope was a relatively new account, which saw significant growth when the RoboTweet software was implemented.

You are in full control over the speed that the software runs at, and the targeting using keywords, phrases, and @usernames of your competitors.

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Remember, RoboTweet puts you in complete control and does all the most mundane but necessary Twitter tasks for you, leaving you free to engage with only the prospects who show interest in your products and services.