Twitter Follower Statistics

Twitter Analytics Software

RoboTweet can auto-unfollow Twitter users who do not follow you back after a specified amount of days.

New: RoboTweet will analyse all your followers and unfollow every account that does not follow you back – in a matter of minutes! This is a great way to clear up old accounts.

You can view reports showing the number of users followed each day, the number and percentage of users who followed you back, and your number of twitter followers so that you can monitor your Twitter growth.

RoboTweet provides details analytics showing the number of users detected each day, how many new users it followed, how many it added to lists, how many users followed you back, how many people were sent automatic direct messages, how many were unfollowed as they did not follow you back in time, and the percentage of people who followed you back.

These detailed statistics give you as a twitter marketer the information you need to decide whether your campaign settings are working for your objectives, and allow you to make tweaks to optimize performance further.