Twitter Scheduler

Automate Twitter Posts

RoboTweet puts powerful Twitter scheduling tools at your fingertips, enabling you to fully automate tweets on your account.

Load in as few or as many tweets as you like. RoboTweet can spin them so that they are different every time they are tweeted. Can include images, and hyperlinks too. You choose the tweets, the schedule, and the frequency.

This module allows you to choose how often RoboTweet will automatically tweet from your account, ensuring that you are kept at the forefront of your followers minds no matter when they check their twitter feed.

Optionally, you can specify a schedule so that depending on the day RoboTweet will start and finish tweeting at set times – for example during your office hours, or the times that your twitter followers are most likely to be online.

You can enter as few or as many tweets as you like and RoboTweet will automatically cycle through them.

You can enter tweets using standard spintax that allows you to make every tweet completely unique.

You can also attach a photo simply by entering the URL of the photo at the end of the tweet.

Hyperlinks to websites and videos are also supported.

It is easy to delete a tweet from the list if no longer needed.